Cold Winter


Here are a few tips for those who keep thinking ` about what to wear in these days when winter started to make clear its arrival and summer clothing is laid aside… Do not give up on summer`s warm shades, because this winter will not be as cold as you think!

Comfort is always number one…

Striped pieces, jean vest and jackets, jump suits, baggy trousers… Mango goes for comfort in designs this year. If you want elegance and comfort at the same time, check out these colorful designs. Leopard pattern and colors like yellow, blue, red, beige and black are up this season. Accessories are artsy as usual; complete your creat

Medicine and Art

How the medicine and the art can be related to each other? The last edition of the magazine “P” which elaborates carefully the topics chosen also carefully, expose the artistic dimension of the medicine joined with the visual examples.

The most ancient documents

The human bones and the surgical instruments found in the illustrations on the walls of the caves and during the diggings show that the practices of medicine are as old as the human history. The reliefs carved in the stones in the old eras, the medical equipment and the illustrated books of the Middle Age have been certainly not created for the sake of art. But these works bring together the medical scientific men and the artists. For example, the most ancient documents

Ancient Egypt


In determining the development of the short story in Egypt, it is necessary to study the inscriptions on papyri and stone monuments, a process which the archaeologists are better fitted to accomplish than the literary historians, for there appears to have been little development in the form, and the earliest do not differ radically from the later stories, such as the two here included.

The few Egyptian tales that have survived may date back as early as the Thirtieth Century B.C. So far as can be determined, they are indigenously Egyptian, having Egyptian names, backgrounds, and customs. They are not only an invaluable commentary on the lives of the men of those times, but also genuinely moving and interesting stories.

Sorcery and Art

The Periodical P worthy of being collected opens the doors of mysterious worlds to the reader by going into the depths of “Sorcery and Art”.

The Periodical P elaborating meticulously the subjects chosen, deals with the topic of “Sorcery and Art ” in its 29. edition. The Editor-in-Chief Celal Uster giving examples of the “Sorcery and Art” in the whole geographies of the world writes the following about the subject in his article:


(…) The origin of the word `sorcery` which we attribute without even being aware to almost everything deeply affecting us with their beauty and extraordinary aspect in the daily life goes back in fact to the very old eras of the humanity. When the human being faces events related to the nature or humanity which they are unable to deal with take always

Tips From The Artists

With all the exhibitions opening nowadays, Istanbul is becoming a veritable art city`. Catching alt of them is out of the question. If you`d like to be guided by tips from the artist as you tour the major ones, just keep on reading! “I Chose Art” When asked what means one can use for political …

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Bulgaria Private Tours – Kazanlak Tour with rose picking for lovely Dutch people

Twelve happy and lovely Dutch people (six couples and twelve friends) left The Netherlands to visit my beautiful and friendly country, Bulgaria. They also joind one of our Bulgaria Private Tours.

We met on Friday, 20.05, the day of their Bulgaria Private Tours, Kazanlak. They travelled from Plovdiv and I was waiting for them in the village of Tarnichane, at the rose distillery. Some rose picking (well, it wasn`t as early as 5 am – Bulgaria Private Toursthe usual time to start the picking up), good and detailed information about the different oleaginous roses, the process of distilling and making rose oil and rose water, etc. Everything was fine but we missed the usual 10:30 coffee break. Back to our vehicle and off to Kazanlak. We had our coffee in the centre

Palace Weddings on the Ottoman Dynasty

Shows and fireworks on the Golden Horn

That day the heart of Istanbul and of the empire was beating at this procession.

The participants wore their best outfits and carried their most valuable arms and pistols. Ahmet III was trying to show his power and wealth to his people with, this street parade instead of revealing his supremacy to the entire world in the battlefields. With the feasts and festivities he organized, with the mansions he had built during the Tulip Era and with all the luxury, he had changed the outlook of the capital city and ushered a new epoch in the Empire. The wedding day was a historic day for Istanbul. Everybody on the streets was happy. Joy was in the air. The streets were overcrowded. The windows were wide open. Faces beneath the veils were praying for the happiness of the bride and for the wealth, dashing look of the Sultan and his procession.

The Price of Water

Vienna can boast the world’s best tap water. But is that a reason to charge for a glass of it at a restaurant?

An acquaintance of this columnist just posted a message on Facebook, and it wasn’t friendly. He wrote that, having dined that evening at a pizzeria in central Vienna, when settling the bill, he was enraged to find he had been charged €1.30 for a quarter-litre of tap water.

For a while now a small but increasingly bitter struggle has been building, not just in Vienna but across the country, over the value of water. The crux of the disagreement: should restaurants be allowed to charge for bog-standard tap water? It being perfectly normal custom to do so in other countries, particularly in regions with a strong dependence on tourism, increasing numbers of Austrian gastronomic outlets have begun charging for tap water if it is ordered by customers. Otherwise, they